12 Days of Reflection 2013 Challenge December 16-27th Reflection-> the ability to reflect beams or rays. Reflect-> manifest or bring back



Join me again for 12 days of Reflection 2013 #reflect13 from December 16th – 27th filled with topics about the past year and preparing for 2014. If you don’t know about it, here’s a run down: Every year around the holidays, I dedicate some time to #reflect in a journal or notebook with questions and lists about the past year and my hopes for the New Year. Three years ago, I was so inspired by a group of women who created an online challenge of sorts called #reverb11, #relish11, or # resound11 (check those hashtags on Twitter, especially a creative woman I know name, Hope from www.Besottment.com) They gave out daily prompts or questions throughout the month of December that allowed you to think about the past year and to also prepare for the coming year through reflective writing, journaling or drawing, however I decided to create a 12 day challenge.

It doesn’t take much to start; all you need is a pen, some paper/journal or even use your notes section from your phone/tablet and a few minutes out of your day. Everyday I’ll post the questions on my social media pages and website so make sure to check in (if you would like it emailed to you, please message me at ayeshanti@gmail.com.) Share the questions with your family and friends or even add your own if you like. You can get creative with your pages (if you want to) and just enjoy the journey. These questions can definitely be a private process, but some are light hearted and if you feel to share your page, tag it #reflect13 for people to find.


Here are a few example of my pages from 2011 #reflect11, I’ve added magazine clippings, doodling and some watercolors for fun.




So if I had to name 2011, I would call it, SURVIVAL… I feel so blessed with all that’s in my life from my home, my honeybun, my family, framilies lol, and just awesome people in my life, despite the ups and downs with getting a business together, learning to listen to my inner self more and as Tim Gunns would say “Making it Work”… I have nothing to complain but just SURVIVE… it has literally been the building block and foundation for my 2012. I claim 2012 to have a first and last name: BOLD & BRILLIANT. I see fabulousness, fun times, more creativity and just a colorful experience. I am so excited that even though it’s for 2012, I’m already starting and letting the names reflect my life!! *EXHALE*
Can’t wait to share tomorrow’s Reflection Prompt!
Have an amazing day!

(You could check out my past reflections on my blog archive if you CLICK-HERE or hashtag #reflect13). You can follow my prompts here on www.AyeShanti.com,  my Facebook page, Twitter or on Instagram. Have fun and share your entries! If you post about your reflections, tag your friends and also use the hashtag: #reflect13! If you blog about it, share it with me and email me at ayeshanti@gmail.com. So check back here on Monday for the 1st day of the challenge!






Introducing a new line of greeting cards to the SHOP, Women of the Sun (Head Tie Series).  These handmade paper-cut design features the traditional head garb and captures the beauty and style of women. I found inspiration from my own head tie collection, my days dancing with a Caribbean dance company and also watching my grandmothers’ wrapping their heads daily. I also received this inspiration after meeting a lovely friend earlier this year (also now a partner in a project in the making) Natalya Mills-Mayrena (follow her on ig: @iammsmills! She rocked these head ties like crowns!


Natalya Mills-Mayrena Costume Historian, Curator, Caribbean Dress Expert

So, I decided to create a line of greeting cards that are also suitable for framing. I’m very excited to share these cards with you for the holidays, also if you have any preferences to designs or custom cards, please don’t hesitate to contact me @ ayeshanti@gmail.com.This series represents all types of women and cultures. All of the paper pieces are hand-cut with my handy x-acto knife and fine scissor.




Women of the Sun – Head Tie Series (Anaya)



Women of the Sun – Head Tie Series (Natalya)

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Fabric Necklaces – PhotoCourtesy @islandboiphotography Hair by @reenshaircare @naturalisticelegance


Love Earrings – PhotoCourtesy @islandboiphotography Hair by @reenshaircare @naturalisticelegance Tshirts by www.WiCulture.com


Fabric Necklace and Love Earrings PhotoCourtesy @islandboiphotography Hair by @reenshaircare @naturalisticelegance

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We’re so happy here at Aye’ Shanti to introduce our Awareness jewelry and accessories for various causes from Lupus, Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness. I truly believe in showcasing and bringing light to various causes and why not through jewelry. Wearing jewelry with  a story gives you an opportunity to educate and have conversation with people who may not understand.

Lupus Awareness Butterfly Earrings

Lupus Awareness Butterfly Earrings

In honor of Lupus Awareness, we’ve created the purple butterfly earrings. Traditionally the butterfly represents freedom, transformation and recovery. Also, one of the more common symptoms of Lupus is called the butterfly rash. The red rash across the nose and cheeks resembles a butterfly, which is why it has become the symbol of hope for Lupus patients. For the month of October, 50% of the proceeds will be going to the http://www.lupusresearch.org.  For more information please check out www.LupusResearch.org or www.Lupus.org

Breast Cancer Awarness Ribbon Earrings

Breast Cancer Awarness Ribbon Earrings

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, we’ve created the pink “ribbon”  earrings. Showcase your support and awareness through jewelry. The Pink ribbon is recognized as a symbol of support for breast cancer patients, treatment and for finding a cure. For the month of October, 30% of the proceeds will be going to various organizations helping in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Purple "Ribbon" Awareness Earrings

Purple “Ribbon” Awareness Earrings

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness, Lupus Awareness and Alzheimer Awareness – we’ve created the purple “ribbon” earrings. Showcase your support and awareness through jewelry. The Purple ribbon is worn to raise awareness for various causes. For the month of October, 30% of the proceeds will be going to various organizations in honor of the awareness of your choice.


Purchase earrings here at http://ayeshanti.com/shop/


Peace & Love,


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